Education Through Entertainment and Arts Partnership (EEAP), has a unique opportunity available for individuals or agencies who are interested in our new licensing program. The licensing program will allow you to represent our unique educational products to students and programs in the community where you live.

We have developed culturally-relevant music and education programs that engage students in the learning process. These programs utilize disguised/non-traditional learning methods that make the curriculum applicable to the real world outside the classroom through the STEAM framework. The flagship program is a student run record company that is aligned to the "Common Core" curriculum. Our goal is to help students improve their academic literacy, learn valuable tools such as science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Growth in their academic performance, a positive learning environment that will motivate the students, and allow them to express themselves through their work is a crucial part of accomplishing this goal.

EEAP provides an array of programs and products that you can take to local school districts, community groups, non-profit organizations, charter schools and other similar organizations. Our programs can be used in their daily learning plans, after school programs, and even during their summer camps. The programs come complete in packaged kits that are shipped from our Jacksonville plant. Our home office will provide all support but we need local representatives to provide the face to face meetings that are usually necessary to close the sale. We will train Representatives on who the customers are and how to market the product. Sales Representatives will receive a 25% commission on the revenue they generate.

For the qualified business candidate, this program requires no up-front expenses. Our company will provide you with the necessary materials and training to get you started immediately. This can be operated part-time, based out of your home, and only requires you to reach out to qualified customers who could use these products.

The ideal people for this program will already have ties with their community in education, after-school programs, non-profits, community organizations, and civic leaders.

If you have ever thought about helping students in your community and want to provide them with the opportunity to learn in a fun and engaging program, then please contact me for more information.

Joe Vickers


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