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Enhancing Education Through The STEAM Framework And Cultural Relevance

Our Mission

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Education through Entertainment and Arts Partnership (EEAP) aims to inspire students with enjoyable learning experiences composed of concepts applicable to the real world. By utilizing popular culture and industry-standard technology, we offer students a curriculum that is fundamentally different from what they are accustomed to. In short, EEAP addresses the needs of 21st-century students in a manner that is uniquely engaging and lastingly influential.

Our curricula are in the hands of teachers across the country, and educational organizations are giving their all on a daily basis to improve students’ lives. However, there is always more work to be done, and there are always more students to reach. With our curricula at the disposal of like-minded teachers—teachers who don’t just want to see a change but want to make it happenwe can accomplish the goal of improving students’ lives together.

How We Do It

Lady J pop music artist in the school beats academy curriculumEEAP recognizes that students are overwhelmingly drawn toward entertainment and popular culture before much else. We have therefore combined these entities with traditional academics through our curricula, taking advantage of the fact that the creative outlets offered by most forms of entertainment and popular culture are perfect for engaging and maintaining students’ attentions. In essence, we aim to transform students’ typical roles as consumers of popular culture into those of producers.

By allowing students to express themselves through forms of entertainment they enjoy, and adhering to the Common Core State Standards at the same time, EEAP’s curricula offer skills that may have otherwise been ignored in the average academic environment while also producing an appreciation for how the Common Core State Standards are applied in professional and everyday life. During most of our projects, students must employ knowledge obtained from more typical academic study in addition to newer, innovative knowledge obtained from our curricula. When facilitated properly, our curricula help students realize just how practical and even vital the Common Core State Standards are to their ability to express themselves, thereby producing a renewed desire to learn.

Take a few moments to review the program pages to see how this works specifically.

What We Do

BeeHype Rap music artist in the school beats academy curriculumEEAP provides educational instruction through project-based music and film production, technology training, and language arts. Our programs are designed to continually capture students’ imaginations and ensure their education comprises relevant experiences and skills that can be used throughout their lives.

By making use of project-based learning founded on the principles of the STEAM curriculum framework, students are taught the essentials of the previously mentioned art forms and concurrently develop the social, critical, and technological abilities required for collaborative and innovative progress in the21st century, all without leaving behind the Common Core State Standards that promote academic success.

Why We Do It

Kyo CEO of School Beats Record Label in the school beats academy curriculumWe at EEAP want to see a change in the lives of students. We want to see their opportunities for a successful future bettered, and we want to see them get the education needed to make the most of these opportunities. We also believe that the best way of seeing change is to make it happen yourself.

That is why we have developed our flagship curriculum, School Beats Academy, as well as the picture book series Read to Exceed, and are currently in the development phase of the brand-new curriculum V.I.B.E. (Video-in-Box Education). These programs are designed not only to address the Common Core State Standards but to go beyond these essentials of learning and provide students with character development, entrepreneurial and technological skills, and an unforgettable experience as well—all to help you make a difference in students’ lives.

Most will agree that popular culture, particularly music, is a huge influence on the youth of today, but do you know exactly how huge? 1Nielsen’s State of the Media: Audio Today 2014, a report on the radio-listening habits of Americans, states that “nearly 92% of everyone age 12 or older” tunes in to the radio weekly, no matter their “demographic groups, ethnicities and geographies.” 2Additionally, U.S. Music Industry Year-End Review: 2013 reports that the “teen consumer listens most often and spends the most time listening to music.” At EEAP, we think these statistics point to music, and consequently the production and industry behind it, as being one of the best methods of reaching students in a manner that is both appealing and academically beneficial.

1 Nielsen.com state-of-the-media-audio-today-2014 report

2 Nielson.com music industry in review for 2013

The After 3pm Study conducted in 2014 reveals the impact that After School Programs are having and one more reason why our curriculum can have such a strong influence. America After 3pm Study 2014