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Culturally Relevant Education Matters:
A Viable Alternative

Our Mission

Education through Entertainment and Arts Partnership (EEAP) aims to inspire students with enjoyable learning experiences composed of concepts applicable to the real world. By utilizing popular culture and industry-standard technology, we offer students a fundamentally different curriculum from what they are accustomed to. In short, EEAP addresses the needs of 21st-century students in a manner that is uniquely engaging and lastingly influential.

Our curricula are in the hands of teachers across the country, and educational organizations are giving their all on a daily basis to improve students’ lives. However, there is always more work to be done, and more students to reach. With our curricula at the disposal of like-minded teachers-teachers who don’t just want to see change but make it happen—we can accomplish the goal of improving students’ lives.

Why We Do It

We at EEAP want to see a change in the lives of students. We want to see their opportunities for a successful future bettered, and we want to see them get the education needed to make the most of these opportunities.

We also believe that the best way of seeing change is to make it happen yourself.

That is why we have developed our flagship curriculum, School Beats Academy, as well as the picture book series Read to Exceed, and are currently in the development phase of the brand-new curriculum V.I.B.E. (Video-in-Box Education). These programs are designed not only to address the Common Core State Standards but to go beyond these essentials of learning and provide students with character development, entrepreneurial and technological skills, and an unforgettable experience as well—all to help you make a difference in students’ lives.

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School Beats at One Spark 2014

Boselli Foundation Summer Camp Experience

What a fabulous time we had with the Middle Schoolers at the Boselli Foundations Summer Camp event. These middle schoolers were great to work with and we had a great time helping them with their music video project. With very limited time we were able to put together a music video they created. We were privleged to just assist with the software aspect of things, and they did everything else.

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